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          Autolab ST

          Determination of tensile properties and yarn count.


          Autolab ST combines the testing of the tensile properties (tensile strength, elongation, force) and the determination of the yarn count in a single testing device. Both tests are carried out on one package after the other.

          Autolab ST

          Autolab ST combines the testing of the tensile properties (tensile strength, elongation, force) and the determination of the yarn count in a single testing device. Both tests are carried out on one package after the other.

          Strength test

          With the high clamping force of the pneumatic jaws and the high degree of variability of the testing process, tensile testing with the Autolab ST is impressive. In addition to the static tensile test, alternating load tests as well as creep and relaxation tests are possible.

          Autolab ST Detail

          Testing of yarn fineness

          The Autolab ST determines the yarn fineness pursuant to ISO 2060 or ASTM D6587. A preselected yarn length is transported from the yarn retraction device to a collecting chamber as per the vacuum conveying principle and is weighed. Test sample feeding and disposal are done fully automatically. Autolab ST is fitted with a package doffer for 24 positions.

          Graphical Overview Autolab Senses

          Saurer′s solution for intelligent data collection and analysis

          The Saurer solution for intelligent data collection and analysis includes networking between the Saurer Autolab laboratory system, Saurer machines and mill management system Senses. This means that in addition to being able to display and evaluate the production data of machines from Saurer and third-party providers from across different production areas, the quality data of the laboratory systems can also be displayed and evaluated in a single application.


          Find out more about our products. Here we provide you with all the relevant documents for download in PDF format.


          Mill management system Senses

          With a single program, you can now manage your entire production and quality assurance facilities along the textile chain. Senses, the digital mill management system from Saurer, bundles and analyzes production, quality and performance data across all divisions. Even machines from third-party manufacturers can be managed. In real time. Secure. From everywhere.

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